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Hanajirushi Mini Starter Kit Set - Cleansing Lotion 99ml Makeup Remover + Face Cleanser 150g + Face Mask 80g
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1)Hanajirushi Award Winning Makeup Remover- Deep Cleansing Lotion (Moist) 180ml Adopt Japan patented technology (impurities leading out technology, minimizes pores) and 100% Oil-Free Mild and gentle, free from fragrance, coloring, alcohol, Hydroxybenzene No need to Enriched with sodium hyaluronate and other hydrating ingredients, this lotion leaves skin supple and moist after use 2)Hanajirushi Amino Acid Night Repair Face Mask - Super Moisture Face Mask 80g "Skins becomes moisture and remains hydrated, Moisturizing hydrating, repairing day and night dry, fine lines, dull and soothing the skin, Lightly squirt out water drops make skin moisture and luminous, Textures:Lock moisture, hydrate, nourish " 3)Hanajirushi Amino Acid Face Cleanser - Washing Cream 150g "For all skin types, even for sensitive skin, Japan ""Yumura"" thermal water added, 1 kind of Amino Acids and rich of mineral substances, Mild and no-irritating parented formula, Textures: Deep Cleansing, moisturizing, cleanse without drying

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Yuhwen Foong

Purchased on 28 September 2020

Great product, great platform, coming back for more