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Mizicor - Pretty Bonus
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Mizicor - Pretty Bonus This bundle consists of 4 different products: Calamansi Puree We preserve the natural citrus aroma and color of the Calamansi fruit, distinctive flavor and aroma will surely amaze you The fruit is rich in Antioxidants, Very High with Vitamin C, which are essential and beneficial in the human body Calamansi Puree is usually dark brown colour in the market instead of fruit green colour The calamansi puree is prepared carefully in order to enhance the citrus skin aroma We also maintain the green extract from the skin which provides the natural colour of the puree Calamansi puree can be utilized to make many types of recipes, such as mix with Yogurt, beverages, desserts, hot food dishes and also act as salad dressing and dipping sauces after blend with some chili No artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives Durian Mochi (frozen) Made from real fresh durians No artificial colouring, flavouring, and preservative Dark Chocolate Mochi (frozen) Made from high quality chocolate powder High percentage of chocolate content No artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives Defrost 10 min to 15 min, ready to enjoy! Matcha Ice Cream (frozen) Matcha powder 100% from Japan Doesn’t contain Egg Yolk and Condensed milk Finest ingredients, rich in matcha taste Perfect for dessert, refreshing and loads of energy

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